Vireo Health – Products For Patients

Vireo is a cannabis company founded by physicians and focused on patients. They are committed to producing safe and all-natural cannabis products that people love to use.

To do this they have brought together physicians, scientists, and horticulturalists to combine their knowledge and expertise in the production of safe, effective, and memorable cannabis products.

Vireo grows their cannabis in environmentally-friendly greenhouses using a process that prioritizes quality and sustainability. These state-of-the-art greenhouses allow cannabis plants to thrive in balanced ecosystems that protect and nurture the plants throughout their lifecycle. The Vireo growing process is capped off by a curing process that is twice as long as the industry standard, ensuring a smooth and flavorful cannabis experience with every toke.

Vireo’s top-shelf flower is also the source material for all of their extracts. Top of the line equipment is used to produce solventless extracts without the use of harsh chemicals. Vireo’s extract lineup features rosin, hash, vape cartridges, oils, capsules, and more.

Interested in trying some of Vireo’s outstanding cannabis products? Here are our top 8 favorite Vireo products that you can find in on our shelves right now!

Bruce Banner Flower

Vireo 2
Source: Leafly

Vireo’s cannabis flower has gained a reputation for its impressive cannabinoid levels and outstanding flavor. Vireo is constantly expanding its growing facilities into new states and it’s likely that your Vireo flower was grown, harvested, and packaged locally.

Additionally, Vireo’s new packaging technology works to keep cannabis flower fresh, flavorful, and potent for longer. Vireo’s terpene-preserving packaging system protects flavorful and aromatic terpenes from the natural degradation process that they experience as time goes on.

Bruce Banner is a potent slightly sativa-dominant strain with a hulking THC percentage. This superhero of a strain delivers a nice balanced mix of both sativa and indica effects, making it suitable for both daytime and nighttime use. This batch of Vireo’s Bruce Banner clocks in at over 23% THC!

Bubba Kush Rosin

Vireo 3
Source: Weedmaps

Vireo’s Bubba Kush rosin is a potent extract that clocks in at roughly 73% THC. Bubba Kush is an indica-dominant strain that produces a classic sedating indica buzz. Featuring an earthy and spicy aroma that is almost reminiscent of coffee, Bubba Kush will have you mentally and physically sedated, but still functional.

Rosin is not only potent but is also one of the purest extracts on the market. The rosin extraction process is completely solventless, relying instead only on heat and pressure. You will never have to worry about consuming potentially harmful residual solvents with rosin.

Moby Dick Prerolls

Vireo 1

Vireo’s prerolls are packed tight with half a gram of their outstanding top-shelf flower. Each tin of Vireo prerolls contains four joints that are ready to enjoy straight out of the box.

Moby Dick is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is known for both its strong cerebral effects and its numbing body high. This strain produces a strong and uplifting euphoria that makes it perfect for creative activities, spending time with friends, or enjoying some time outside.

Bubba Kush “Lite Bud” Prerolls

Vireo 4
Source: Lite Bud

Alongside their regular prerolls, Vireo also produces a “Lite Bud” series of prerolls that contain cannabis with less THC than their regular flower. This batch of Bubba Kush Lite Bud Prerolls boasts a meager 5.61% THC content.

Vireo’s Lite Bud prerolls are perfect for those new to cannabis or those who simply don’t need or want as much THC as is contained in regular flower. These prerolls allow you to enjoy the experience of a smooth and flavorful smoke without the overwhelming buzz.

If you prefer low-THC prerolls, keep an eye out for more of Vireo’s Lite Bud prerolls now available in a variety of strains clocking in at between 4% and 10% THC.

6:1 Grandaddy Purple Vape Cartridge

Vireo 5
Source: Vireo

Vireo produces an impressive lineup of vape cartridges designed to be compatible with conventional 510 battery threads.

One of these cartridges is their unique 6:1 Grandaddy Purple. This cartridge emits a sweet berry flavor and produces mellow sedating effects. Containing a healthy dose of both THC and CBD per hit, this cartridge is unlikely to trigger anxiety and is great for winding down at the end of the day, easing into sleep, and alleviating physical pain.

Vireo’s vape cartridges are also available in strains such as White Widow, Jack Herer, Lamb’s Bread, Maui Jack, Purple Haze, Skunk No. 1, and more.

Bubba Kush Hash

Vireo 6
Source: Weedmaps

Vireo’s clean pressed hash is made from hand-selected pesticide-free flower grown in their greenhouses. The team uses a solventless process to separate trichomes from resinous buds, producing dry sift. Afterward, pressure is used to press this dry sift into clean pressed hash.

Vireo’s Bubba Kush Hash contains 33.5% THC and produces effects similar to those produced by their Bubba Kush rosin.

Looking to get your hands on some of Vireo’s amazing products? Stop by our Cambridge storefront or order online today to enjoy a selection of Vireo flower and extracts!