Evolab: Better Extracts

There are many ways to extract cannabis oil, but not all extraction techniques are equal. Some extraction techniques can leave behind traces of harmful solvents in the production of oils that are far from pure. Thanks to their innovative and pharmaceutical-grade extraction techniques, this is never a worry with Evolab extracts.

Cleaner Purer Extracts

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Source: Evolab

Evolab set out to improve the extraction process by creating their own suite of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extraction technologies – the first of their kind. With the help of a team of chemists, physicians, and cannabis connoisseurs, Evolab created the industry’s first clean CO2 extraction technology.

This highly-refined CO2 extraction process is solvent and hydrocarbon free, producing an extract that is packed with pure terpenes and cannabinoids, and free of toxins and chemicals. Evolab oils preserve the natural flavors and aromas of the cannabis plant for a natural cannabis experience.

Exceptionally pure and flavorful oils produced without the use of cutting agents.

Nothing But Cannabis

100% pure cannabis concentrates are simply too thick and viscous to work with vape cartridges. This often leads oil producers to add all sorts of questionable cutting agents into the mix. Additives like VG, PG, glycerin, and vitamin E acetate are sometimes added to make an extract more suitable for vaping.

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Source: Leafly

Thanks to their advanced extraction, fractionation, and purification processes, Evolab is able to produce high-quality extracts without the use of such agents. The Evolab team has developed a wholly unique process to extract, purify, and craft terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids into what they like to call a CDCA – a cannabis-derived cutting agent that makes vaporization possible.

Cannabis Evolved

Evolab’s focus on purity, terpenes, and cannabinoids has led to the development of a phenomenal product line.

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Source: Leafly

Their FreshTerps distillate oils make use of Evo’s precision extraction process to produce an incredible distillate loaded with pure terpenes and cannabinoids. Their Delta-8 oil is a one-of-a-kind extract composed of Delta-8-THC, an entirely different cannabinoid than regular Delta-9 THC. And their Chroma CO2 oil is made from a unique hybrid blend of terpenes and cannabinoids that give it both flavor and potency.

You’ll have a hard time finding oils this good anywhere else!

Award-Winning Innovation

Evolab has been the recipient of numerous awards over the years. So far they’ve racked up awards for their distillate oil, vape pens, topicals, and their extraction technique.

None of this would have been possible without Evolab’s commitment to innovation – and they know it. Evolab still continues to strengthen the bond between cannabis and technology with their pursuit of new extraction technologies and the development of unique products.

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